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Hey friend, my name is Leah Gunn! I am a professional photographer with a passion to capture beautiful moments! I have developed a deep desire to bring my community together and utilize the unique gift of word of mouth in marketing! You all have strong connections and trusted friendships all over the world with people that I may never meet! As a marketing team, I want to utilize the incredible power of word of mouth to build a strong clientele base and help you flourish! Watch the video below to discover how you can easily earn $25 - $345 every sale of a photo session that you promote! All you have to be is the mouth piece and promote my photography and I handle the rest! It's that simple! There is no time restraints, no location requirements, and no income cap with consistent bonuses available!

Press play on my Zoom class and I will give you all the tools you need to succeed as a photography marketer!

Photography Marketing Zoom Class!

Leah Gunn photography

Thank you so much for joining my Zoom call! I am looking so forward to having you apart of the team and to help you succeed as a photography marketer!

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