Do you shoot destination weddings?

Outdoor weddings are my greatest joy to capture! It is such an exciting factor as the photographer, when it comes to using the elements as a powerful piece to a beautiful destination or elopement wedding! I love when my couples add a flair of who they are as a couple and trust me and my abilities to capture a beautiful experience! It is always an adventure and a priceless experience! //

What is your approach?

Creative imagery is my passion. You can trust me to go with my gut feeling to create great imagery + make you look good + feel amazing.

I work hard to diligently capture and create moving moments in my weddings. I capture as the day unfolds and I look for prominent moments that make your wedding special and meaningful. I let things flow and I capture as things happen. as well as give my couples direction when needed along the way! ( like when you don’t know what to do with your hands.. ) haha I value the trust my clients have in my skills and capability to give them the images that they dream about.

It is such an honor to have that kind of trust from a client.

Do you work with brands / Companies?


Need your restaurant's menu photographed? Have a new clothing line for your boutique? Starting a new business venture? High quality imagery is vital when building your brand, and I'm here to make it happen.

What do your consultations consist of?

In the consultation over text or email, we discuss the date, time, location and the all around theme and mood for the photo session!
I am always here to offer help and give direction every step of the way!

Do you travel?

I am an experienced traveler and I know how to travel efficiently.
Traveling is undeniably a passion of mine. When I think of my ideals, it is traveling to breathtaking untouched parts of the earth with friends & clients that want to experience it with me with my camera in hand!

So with that said I am more than willing to help find awesome deals to help me get to wherever you desire for me to be!

So please do not hesitate to reach out to me about a travel opportunity! I would love to be the one to capture your adventurous experiences.

Where are you located at?

I currently reside in Oklahoma City, OK! Right in the heart of our country! With rolling hills and a lot of wheat fields, this is the place that I call home! But, I am often times itching to find a reason to be near the mountains and ocean!

Ready to begin?



“I met Leah in middle school and followed her on Instagram ever since. When I would see her pictures I just knew I needed her to do my engagement and wedding photos one day, because I could see genuine emotions in the still pictures like each one was truly telling a story! Both my fiancé and I had never had professional photos taken of us and we were just hoping that it wouldn’t look like we didn’t know what we were doing. Thankfully Leah gave us great instruction on posing and made us feel so comfortable!”